Steve Ditko – Part 1 (Show 071)

Last week Javier Hernandez, a long time listener, talked about an Objectivist comic book artist named Steve Ditko. I am going to refer you to Javier’s blog for show notes about this show. He wrote a really good story of how he found TalkObjectivism. Everything in the post we covered on the show.

I emailed him to tell him all this, and asked him if he was aware of Steve Ditko. I gave him some background on Ditko’s work on Spider-Man and his own Objectivist heroes like The Question and Mr. A. Mosley was quite interested in all of this, and soon we are talking about me appearing on his show to talk about Steve Ditko! I was happy to do it, of course.


Javier has is own podcast and you can find more information about it at Planet Comic Book Radio.